Data Governance

Consolidating your data in the cloud offers many Governance benefits.

  • Data is invariably better indexed and easier to find and use – improving eDiscovery activities
  • Data is better protected – reducing the risk of attack and any consequent penalties
  • Data is more visible

However, providing the required level of governance can be challenging.

The common challenges we hear are:
  • We don’t know what data we have where
  • We don’t know who has access to what data and who the data owner is
  • We don’t know how to efficiently and cost effectively retrieve data for analysis
  • We don’t know how to bulk review our data
  • We don’t know if we are classifying and tagging our data properly
How we solve them

Our specialist governance practice has the experience, skills, processes and tools needed to help complex, regulated organisations plan, design and implement organisation-wide data governance solutions that meet legislative compliance.

In addition to the architectural design, the governance-related services and solutions we typically help organisations with are:

  • Data capture
    • Our team can help you implement
      a solution that enables you to capture who is using what data, who owns the data and who has access to the data, whether it be structured or unstructured.
  • Data classification and labelling
    • Our team can help enable you to classify your data into various groups based on its content, sensitivity and usage rights , giving you more control over your data and materially reducing the chance of a breach; and enabling you to retain, protect, discover and delete data appropriately.
  • Data discovery
    • Our team can provide technology solutions that enable you to collect and analyse your structured and unstructured data from various sources, thereby helping you to make informed business decisions and improve internal processes – particularly around compliance and governance requirements.
  • Data review
    • Our team can enable you to better verify the correctness and conditions of your data, thereby significantly reducing the time taken to process audits, SARs redactions, and more.

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