Without knowing exactly what data lies in your company, how do you extract actionable insights from it? If you can’t put your hands on that data, how do you possess the confidence to say that you comply fully with data regulations?

Every company has forgotten and potentially toxic data lurking in the shadows; information that’s been exported to a spreadsheet, edited, emailed, and then left in a folder somewhere. But within the bad data lies valuable knowledge and insights too.

Just imagine what’s lying buried in your file share…Working with some of the most demanding companies in defence, banking and pharmaceuticals, we tap into this value by revealing everything within your data estate, at scale, and in clever ways that our competitors can’t or don’t do.

We then enable you to categorise, move or delete your data at scale, to effectively ‘spring clean’ it and assure regulatory compliance. In addition, we can create a single view of your connected data, which further distils knowledge and transforms your data from a risk to an asset.

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