Network security (SASE)

Protect your data wherever it goes

Support the changing demands of your organisation.

Legacy cybersecurity based on firewalls, on-premise solutions such as web proxies, and endpoint security, fall short of modern workplace requirements.


Hybrid working patterns have seen data move beyond the network perimeter. The continued growth of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) endpoints, accessing company data and networks, means control over company data has become more complex.

Redefining cloud, network, and data security.

Gartner has coined the phrase security services edge (SSE) to define the security side of SASE. The four core SSE principles from Gartner leaders in the SSE space, Netskope are:

  • trending_upFollow the data

    Data is being accessed by multiple devices from multiple locations hosted in multiple clouds and cloud apps. Firewalls and web-proxies cannot follow and understand these more elaborate and connected workflows. A ‘non-negotiable’ cloud-based, security inspection point is a prerequisite to protect your data.

  • cloud_syncDecode cloud traffic

    API-JSON is the language of the web and cloud and modern security solutions must be able to decode it. Legacy cybersecurity based on web proxies and firewalls falls short leaving your data at risk.

  • psychologyContext is key

    Modern working practices require continuous assessment to determine access. Context is everything - Who is accessing? From where? From which device? Via which app? What activity? These continuous assessments offer more control and flexibility than the block/allow activities associated with web proxies and firewalls.

  • boltFast and scalable security

    Security controls should not impinge on your users gaining access to the data they need when they need it. Moving controls to the cloud is only part of the solution. A reliable private network linking your users to their data at speed is the goal.

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Gain unrivalled visibility. Real-time data and threat protection is delivered through a suite of integrated Netskope tools that are central to achieving an SSE, a major component of SASE architecture.

Netskope SWG 

Realtime, inline data protection for web and cloud apps utilizing context-rich policies and risk awareness.


Netskope CASB

  • check_circleDiscover SaaS, IaaS and web usage and assess risk
  • check_circleSecure managed apps such as Microsoft 365, G Suite etc.
  • check_circleControl unmanaged cloud apps
  • check_circleProtect data via DLP and block threats and malware




Netskope ZTNA 

Adaptive, identity-aware zero-trust secure access to private apps for hybrid IT scenarios.


Netskope Cloud Firewall 

Network security on outbound across all ports and protocols for users and is part of the integrated SSE architecture.

How bluesource can help.


Cutting edge Gartner leading solution.


Cloud-native solution.


Single management console.


Granular policy enforcement powered by CloudXD engine across an integrated set of microservices.

Protect against emerging threats, vulnerabilities and advanced malicious activities

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

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