Cloud Migration Assessment

Determine the best cloud transformation approach for your organisation.

Uncovering the ideal solution with full discovery.

Migrating workloads to public cloud can take many forms. Reviewing an inventory audit or asset list is often not enough to determine the best approach due to the number of dependencies and complexities involved. 


A full discovery based on your server communication paths helps to identify and understand the service dependencies across the on-premises estate. A key stage in defining the right cloud services strategy is to review the current application and services landscape and understand which workloads can or should be migrated and which cannot or should not. 

Cloud migration assessment with bluesource.


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A comprehensive analysis of your workloads running across your datacentres


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Migration approach discussions with application owners


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A detailed migration assessment report discussing the workload migration approach


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Cost modelling comparisons based on like-for-like and recommended approaches

How it works.

Using R-Lane theory we’ll define the suitability of your services to move to a cloud-based platform.

  • check_circleRehost

    Workloads are ‘lifted & shifted’ to Azure
  • check_circleRe-platform

    Workloads are ‘tweaked’ through the migration to Azure.
  • check_circleRepurchase

    A different application is procured typically through a SaaS model.
  • check_circleRefactor

    A given application is redesigned to consume platform-based services such as using microservices – Kubernetes and\or containers
  • check_circleRetire

    The application is decommissioned as part of the migration approach.
  • check_circleRetain

    The service is not suitable to run in the cloud and retained ‘as-is’.

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