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Identify risks and close the gap to best practice.

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Receive actionable recommendations in line with the latest best practice and regulatory compliance.

Operating a secure and compliant infrastructure and application environment is challenging, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud. Cloud environments continually evolve with new features being introduced, new threats and attacks being launched and the ever-growing databerg of information being stored and stockpiled.

How can bluesource help.


Reduce costs by fixing inconsistencies in cloud infrastructure configuration.


Drive efficiencies by understanding obsolete, sensitive and over-shared data.


Lower risk by highlighting vulnerabilities of the traditional on-premises infrastructure.

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What you can expect.

Cloud Security Posture Assessments (M365 and Azure)

  • check_circleIdentification of security anomalies and vulnerabilities against industry standard security benchmarks and best practices.
  • check_circleA prioritised list of recommendations to maximise your investment in Microsoft technologies
  • check_circleProposed actions to suitably harden your Microsoft cloud services

M365 Security Posture Assessment.

  • Detailed risk assessment based on industry standard security benchmarks and best practice controls for securing Microsoft 365
  • Consolidated list of Compliance Centre improvement actions (Secure Score + Compliance Score)
  • Comprehensive findings and prioritised recommendations report

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Cloud Infrastructure Security Posture Assessment.

  • Detailed risk assessment based on industry standard security benchmarks and best practice controls for securing Azure
  • Identification of resources that do not comply with Azure best and proven practice
  • Detailed report with prioritised recommendations to guide improvement

Dark Data Assessments.

  • check_circleGain insights into data that will assist with the development of retention policies to reduce costs and feed into architectural sustainability plans
  • check_circleUnderstand who has access to sensitive data enabling better data protection
  • check_circleClassify data across your organisation to assist in regulatory compliance strategies
  • check_circleIdentify the types of data in use across the business data stores whether on-premises or in the cloud
  • check_circleEnable the purge and reclamation of expensive storage by identifying dark data that has not been accessed for a long time
  • check_circleReduce risk by identifying over-shared sensitive data
What you can expect

Workshop to define the in-scope data sources for the assessment and key sensitive data types including up to 5 custom types

  • Deployment and configuration of the appliance to collect data insights
  • Results analysis
  • Findings and recommendations report


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Traditional Security Assessments.

Uncover vulnerabilities in on-premises traditional security defences and receive a detailed findings and recommendations report.

  • check_circleDetect vulnerabilities to identify and fix security weaknesses before they are exploited by malicious actors
  • check_circleMeet compliance and security standards such as ISO 27001 or PCI DSS
  • check_circlePrevent downtime due to having systems taken offline by an attack or while an internal incident response investigation is conducted
  • check_circleAvoid reputational and financial damage

Current State Assessment Vendors.

Secure and govern your data with a suite of services designed to minimise risk and maximise value.

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