Security Awareness Training

Reduce the risk of human error.

Engaging training that empowers your workforce to act as an additional layer of protection.

The IT landscape today is rife with sophisticated attacks from ransomware and phishing through to spoofing and targeted social engineering. Training your employees to practice cyber awareness to keep them and their data safe is an ongoing challenge.

Using a combination of tools that work with your IT landscape, people and appetite, you’ll get a blend of security awareness training videos and simulated attacks to help your users keep cyber security top of mind.

bluesource helps you to:

  • check_circleConfigure and execute the training plans
  • check_circleTailor, configure and execute simulations
  • check_circleCollate, review and understand results


  • check_circleCustomisable simulations
  • check_circleTargeted simulations
  • check_circleSocial engineering attack simulations

    ◦ Credential harvesting
    ◦ Malware attachments
    ◦ Malicious links
    ◦ Drive-by-URLs


  • check_circleCustomised and targeted training plans to suit your organisation
  • check_circlePersistent, non-invasive training schedules
  • check_circlePredictive risk scoring individual to each user helping you understand weaknesses and where to concentrate training efforts
  • check_circleCustomised remediation to feed into continual service improvements and targeted coaching
  • check_circleReal-world testing with embedded sentiment surveys to gauge attitudes to security and test responses to realistic but non-threatening phishing emails
  • check_circleTargeted training videos on

    ◦ Phishing awareness
    ◦ Password security
    ◦ Privacy
    ◦ CEO fraud
    ◦ Data in motion
  • check_circleGamification risk scoring for an engaging experience
  • check_circlePhishing simulations

Empower your users to be an extra layer of defence.

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