Email Security

Fight sophisticated email attacks with advanced modern solutions.

Email remains the number 1 attack vector for cybercriminals to deliver malware, phishing and impersonation attacks.

As attack methods evolve and become more sophisticated, so too must the mechanisms put in place to shield and protect.

If your email security is focused on anti-virus and anti-spam, then it’s at greater risk of targeted email-borne attacks. Traditional approaches to secure email are no longer enough.

At a minimum, modern solutions need to defend against:

  • verified_userSpear-phishing
  • verified_userMalware
  • verified_userRansomware
  • verified_userSpam
  • verified_userZero-day attacks
  • verified_userOutbound loss of sensitive data and reputational checks

Defend against sophisticated attacks with advanced capabilities.

  • check_circleURL checks at the time of click to ensure the initial validity of a URL and future checks to ensure it has become weaponised
  • check_circleAttachment checks to ensure email is not the carrier of malware/ransomware via ML, Sandboxing and multiple analysis engines
  • check_circleImpersonation protection to ensure the phishing attacks via user sender, domain spoofing and social engineering attacks are detected to prevent coercion of the receiver
  • check_circleSpoofing via DNS authentication such as SPF/DKIM/DMARC

How bluesource can help.



Ensuring email continuity

Protecting against email-borne threats is a significant prong in any defense methodology. However, an outage to your email platform could cost thousands of pounds due to lost productivity and essential services. The move to the cloud has not eliminated this risk. bluesource can advise on the risk posed and the options provided by industry-leading vendors to ensure email continuity, available at the flick of an administrative switch – including failback – to maintain service availability and business productivity.



Advancing beyond

We’ll help you to navigate the multiple layers of defence needed to protect email and end-points to determine the best value options to meet your organisation’s needs. Microsoft 365 subscriptions offer built-in functionality which can be uplifted to advanced techniques with an incremental additional purchase. However, this may not be enough if you face a significant threat or risk.  Our independent vendor view can help ascertain the most appropriate technologies to complement native Microsoft offerings to provide additional strength-in-depth or act as the primary defence.

  • check_circleFully managed service
  • check_circleA choice of solutions available from industry-leading vendors to suit size, industry vertical and use-cases faced

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