Identity Security

Strengthen identity security without compromising productivity with advanced conditional access techniques.

Protect against sophisticated attacks.

Malicious actors are targeting user identities through social engineering to orchestrate ever more sophisticated attacks, It is no longer good enough to only employ perimeter security through firewalls. 

A flexible ‘work from anywhere’ approach has become the norm. It provides many benefits but requires a reimagining of how you approach data security and protection.

We will help you to:

  • check_circleEnvisage how a modern approach to identity management can benefit your organisation
  • check_circleIdentify the most appropriate way to secure access to SaaS and on-premises web apps using conditional access
  • check_circleUnderstand how to govern ‘self-service’ access for internal and external identities through access packages
  • check_circlePlan a cost-efficient single sign-on and multi-factor authentication solution

Enabling a modern identity management solution.

  • check_circleA secure, flexible and scalable identity management platform that can support almost any cloud-based SaaS app as well as on-premises web-based applications
  • check_circleProvide a positive user experience where only one identity and multi-factor token is needed to access all relevant business applications
  • check_circleManage access to business applications and data based on any mix of application, geo-location, device and identity risk factor
  • check_circleReduce on-premises server footprint and management costs with a cloud-based solution
  • check_circleBenefit from true flexibility when it comes to subscription-based licensing with options through Azure Active Directory Premium, Enterprise Mobility & Security or Microsoft 365 Enterprise

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Key features.


Conditional access based on identity


Flexible single-sign on through OpenID Connect, SAML, OAuth, or linked passwords


Customizable app portal to access all your applications


End-to-end designed and delivered solution

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