Incident Response Service

Minimise the damage from a cyber security breach.

Ensuring a quick and efficient response to harmful attacks.

Cyber security breaches can severely affect your organisation’s ability to execute as well as its reputation. We provide a calm, logical and structured response to minimise damage and ensure the correct course of action is undertaken.

Regardless of the data you hold, attackers are constantly looking for weaknesses to exploit. We can help you to address your existing vulnerabilities and close the door to attackers on an ongoing basis.

Should a breach be detected or suspected you’ll have a robust incident response process in place to ensure it’s handled quickly and efficiently.

A bluesource incident response retainer includes:


  • check_circle24x7 priority access to certified incident response handlers
  • check_circleAn incident response plan tailored to your organisation

bluesource provides experienced incident response handlers to help build an incident response plan to:

  • check_circleUnderstand the scope of the incident by thoroughly investigating suspected breaches and the level of exposure
  • check_circlePrevent the incident from spreading by containing the threat
  • check_circleRecover lost data and systems to continue operations as soon as possible
  • check_circleDecide which systems need to be taken offline for remediation
  • check_circleCommunicate relevant details to stakeholders and authorities when needed throughout an incident

Key features.


24x7x365 response by a certified incident response handler


Unlimited callouts


Initial threat assessment


Protection capability summary


Joint incident response plan production


Annual review of the protection capability summary to ensure up to date information is on record


Competitive rates for follow up activities

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Enable your in-house IT team to focus on business requirements, safe in the knowledge your security is in hand.

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