Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Enable your in-house IT team to focus on business requirements, safe in the knowledge your security is in hand.

Supporting your in-house IT Team.

With the number of sophisticated attacks ever increasing, it can be overwhelming to deal with the sheer amount of signals that need to be collected, analysed and addressed.

We’re dedicated to understanding the threat landscape, managing your specialist devices and services, and detecting events, so that your in-house IT team can focus their time on understanding your business IT service requirements, administering IT systems to deliver service uptime, and interfacing with users.

  • check_circleIdentify potentially malicious activities early in the kill chain to provide time to block the threat
  • check_circleProvide feedback and recommendations for stopping malicious actors in their tracks
  • check_circleReduce the noise and false positives that SIEM services can suffer from

How bluesource can help.


Breaches stopped before they occur through the identification of emerging threats across your organization


Security information collected from endpoints and cloud services such as Office 365 into the centrally managed Ariel cloud SIEM


False positives reduced through continual improvements to your service


Save time by opting for recommended remediations to be performed on your behalf

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Key features.

  • check_circleKeepler AI technology combined with human analysis to deliver results
  • check_circle24/7 ‘eyes on glass’ Security Operations Centre (SOC), with ongoing managed tuning, analysis, advice and guidance
  • check_circleMonthly expert tuning by the Security Operations Centre (SOC), ensuring regular system effectiveness reviews and alert optimisation
  • check_circlePhishingNet integration for phishing related user early response reporting and SOC investigations
  • check_circleClient portal for alert analysis and alert investigation
  • check_circleInclusive 24/7 SOC analysis, advice and guidance

Using an independent vendor view to deliver you the best solution.

Identify risks and close the gap to best practice with Current State Assessments

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