As more and more business communications take place over new digital mediums such as social media, text and financial IM, capturing these communications has become essential for:

  • Compliance with industry regulations, including financial services and pharmaceuticals
  • Support of eDiscovery efforts for legal cases and investigations
  • Retention of communications for corporate governance and other mandates

bluesource supports and delivers the ability to capture, discover and supervise your communications, whatever the channel, using best in class Merge1 by Veritas. bluesource also delivers flexibility to deliver on-premise, cloud or SaaS capabilities which is unique in the Enterprise archiving and capture market.

Merge1 by Veritas

Merge1TM archiving software helps you capture popular message types, including financial messaging platforms, collaboration, file sharing, social media, SMS, mobile chat applications, web page and cloud based content.

Less complexity

Add merge1 into your existing email archive to:

  • Archive: Retain all conversations taking place by your workforce, over any medium
  • Comply: With message archiving regulations
  • Enhance: eDiscovery and legal preparedness

 Avoid monthly fees and migration burdens

Merge1 – the only archive messaging app endorsed by both Microsoft and Veritas – greatly simplifies the process of archiving messages for compliance and eDiscovery.

By working with your existing email archive, Merge1 helps you avoid:

  • Burdensome migration of your existing data to a 3rd party data store
  • The hassle of running two archives in parallel
  • Spending money on expensive, recurring monthly fees

Fully integrated

Merge1 Works with any archive including your existing infrastructure

  • Archive Agnostic: Compatible with any archive, including Office 365
  • Fully Customisable: Can be customised to support any content, including proprietary content sources
  • On-Prem or Cloud: Run Merge1 on-premise or in our dedicated private Cloud
  • Designed for Simplicity: No training required. Small footprint. Runs on existing infrastructure. Quick setup

bluesource also allows the ability to build this into your Microsoft O365 Compliance Centre solution.

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