Pretrial discovery isn’t what it used to be.  Gone are the days of trucking file boxes to pack boardrooms for review. Now that the process is largely digital the real problem is only compounded. Armies of paralegals are still churning away for days weeks and months searching for the five documents that matter in every million. With corporate data explosion those case documents will be buried deeper and deeper making it increasing harder to locate the required files – resulting mediocre accuracy and in some case disappointing and avoidable outcomes.

Turbocharge your speed to resolution

If you are under pressure to quickly respond to legal matters and regulatory requests, Veritas  eDiscovery Platform is designed for you. It is a simple, intuitive interface for our customers.

It empowers you to:

  • Deploy a single solution across the entire eDiscovery lifecycle, from legal hold and collections to analysis, review and production
  • Easily map your entire data landscape to locate relevant documents and communications
  • Trigger advanced analytics and machine learning to uncover critical evidence
  • Reduce manual effort and mitigate human error with workflow automation
  • Achieve quick deployment through a purpose-built appliance, software, or hosted as a service

Leveraging the Power of Classification

Integrated Classification Engine to help drive accelerated reviews to satisfy Subject Access Requests

Veritas’s eDiscovery Platform helps you locate, classify, analyse, and review your information quickly and efficiently.

  • Automatic data classification improves data culling and review by prioritising items with personally identifiable information or sensitive content
  • Bulk Redaction automates data masking to prevent sensitive data leaks during regulatory responses or data production
  • Pre-set Redaction Codes ensure consistency across the document review cycle and limit challenges introduced by reviewer effort and subjectivity
  • Annotation Toolkit improves reviewer collaboration and supports a more agile review process