Many organisations are buried beneath a tremendous amount of data and lack the visibility and control they need to understand who has access to it, how users are interacting with it, and how to manage avoidable risk exposure.

In order to regain visibility and control, a multi-dimensional perspective into the content and context of every file at scale is required.


Data Insight by Veritas

Predict an information crisis before it happens

Data Insight by our partner Veritas, gives you the analytics, tracking and reporting necessary to deliver organisational accountability for file use and security. Designed to manage the needs of organisations with petabytes of data and billions of files, Data Insight integrates with archiving and security solutions to prevent data loss and ensure policy-based data retention.

It empowers you to:

  • Automate governance through workflows and customisation
  • Drive efficiencies and cost savings in your unstructured data environment
  • Maintain regulatory compliance for information access, use and retention
  • Protect confidential information from unauthorised use and exposure