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Welcome to EV247 from bluesource, an award winning cloud archiving solution that’s free from compromise and fit for the new information age.

Effective archiving has become more important now than ever before, reducing pressure on core systems, ensuring compliance and protecting your business. Data is more diverse, communication is more important and business users rely on anytime, anywhere access to stay ahead.

Reliable archiving is about more than protecting just the data, it is also about protecting the business. The need for regulatory compliance is becoming ever more crucial and sensitive, now leading to fines that can be levied if organisations cannot demonstrate due diligence in data management and particularly data archiving. So the focus moves to the cloud.

Free from the overheads of owning, running or managing your archive, EV247 is step-change for cloud archiving solutions addressing the limitations often associated with traditional cloud archives. EV247 delivers the rich functionality of Enterprise Vault and offers massively-scalable, long-term storage and the cost of migrating data into EV247 from on-premises Enterprise Vault is minimal, compared to other cloud archives. With enterprise-class eDiscovery features, EV247 enables you to search and archive all types of content including emails, files, IM and social media. Accessibility is easy and with seamless integration into the leading email clients users don’t need to search a separate archive mailbox. They can also access from anywhere on any device. EV247 is guaranteed by strict service and application SLA’s provided by bluesource.

Powered by the world’s leading archiving technology, EV247 combines the rich functionality of Veritas Enterprise Vault, the trusted infrastructure and scalability of Microsoft Azure with the managed service expertise of bluesource.

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Fully managed SaaS

With all aspects of the service, managed by bluesource and hosted in Microsoft Azure, you can focus technical resources on optimizing other core systems.

Lower the total cost of archiving and discovery

Thanks to the economics of the cloud, your business benefits from a lower Total Cost of Ownership without sacrificing any features or functionality.

Enterprise-class cloud infrastructure and data protection

Resilient, secure and backed-up, your critical data is extensively covered against outages, loss or corruption.

Extend existing investments in Enterprise Vault

Benefit from enhanced ROI, avoid the costs of migration and provide continuity for users who depend on the seamless desktop integration and powerful search features.

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