Campari Group improves security, access for its 1,000+ third-party contractors worldwide through Azure Virtual Desktop

October 10, 2022 –

Historically, Campari Group ran its business and operations services through datacenters located in Zurich and Amsterdam, using traditional hypervisor technology with perimeter-based security. Campari Group also ran a smaller web-farm datacenter in Italy to support its 100 or so official websites. Guided by a strategic, global IT vision that aimed for centralized management of all global services for all countries and brands, Campari Group pursued a single cloud provider. In 2019, Campari Group shuttered its Italy-based datacenter and, soon after that, modernized all its SAP workloads from on-premises datacenters to Azure.

These cloud migrations proved prescient. In November 2020, Campari Group found itself the victim of a significant ransomware attack that affected its remaining on-premises datacenters and caused outages in production and operations along with the loss of many server backups. None of the workloads that the company had already moved to Azure were affected by the security breach, which clearly demonstrated for Campari Group the value of its ongoing datacenter exit strategy. So, with partner Bluesource—a member of the Microsoft Partner Network—Campari Group closed its remaining on-premises datacenter to become a fully cloud-enabled company. Read more

‘Our adoption of Azure Virtual Desktop allowed us to take advantage of capabilities that we’d never have from a physical datacenter. Not only can we manage our costs and visibility, but as our usage increases, multi-session functionality gives us the scalability we need.’ 
Matthew Zeidler: Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture and Technology