Monitoring and Management

Our monitoring and management service is a proactive support, maintenance and management solution which offers unlimited support for your applications, hardware, infrastructure and servers. We’ll analyse the health of your technical infrastructure whilst proactively resolving incidents, reducing risk and optimizing the day-to-day running of your business-critical systems.

Our end-to-end service means that optimal system performance is assured 24/7 and downtime is minimal to ensure that your information is not compromised. You’ll also get a Service Delivery Manager who will ensure the smooth-running of your service.

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"As always, very helpful, quick and pleasant. Their knowledge of monitoring systems is very comprehensive and invaluable in this case" Nick Odonell, BLM
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What we monitor

We partner with SolarWinds to deliver a robust 24X7 service. We’re able to manage the below elements


Our metrics can be used to identify a range of performance issues and component failures to avoid downtime.


Our consultants set thresholds to ensure that each of your key business applications operate within certain tolerances.

Operating systems

We monitor Wintel services and logs to identify issues which may interrupt or downgrade your service.


We can proactively manage your Azure environment whilst optimising your server estate.

we help organisations protect, govern and manage their data

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