Any interruption to business can have a big impact on operations. In addition to employee disruption, compliance issues ensue, fines may be incurred, and customers and stakeholders will be less than impressed.

Having a reliable backup strategy in place can mitigate such interruptions.

bluesource Managed Backup provides an elegant and scalable solution that grows as your business grows. By bringing together the industry’s leading software and hardware solutions into one cohesive approach, our managed backup services help protect your business information and deliver full operational resilience.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Consuming “Backup-as-a-Service” better protects businesses and reduces costs, enabling you to increase innovation investments. Also, your IT staff will be relieved of the boredom of mundane backup works and be free to work on strategic projects” Microsoft

How can we help you with Backup?

We provide insights and expertise on platform choice (cloud, on-premises, hybrid) and management solutions (support or fully managed) while also examining the ROI benefits of both. We deliver peace of mind for you and your stakeholders to ensure that the right data is protected and compliant, and that applications work 24/7/365 with financially backed SLAs.


Backup as a Service