5 ways managed services can help unlock business potential

5 ways managed services can help unlock business potential

How can my IT team be more productive? This is a question we get asked a lot. Modern business environments rely on IT teams to be agile, knowledgeable and more importantly – available. Investing in a managed service provider to fill the gaps in your knowledge or simply just to free up your IT all-stars to focus on your business goals could benefit your team and business massively.

Here are a few ways investing in a Managed Services Provider can help unlock business potential.


Instead of a full “out-sourcing” strategy, many IT managers are turning to managed service providers to “out-task” certain elements or management functions that require particular expertise not readily available among their in-house staff. By out-tasking, teams, organisations can spend their valuable time on the core business goals and projects that drive additional competitive advantage at a business level.

Greater access to new technologies

With a dedicated MSP you’re more likely to be using the latest and greatest technologies and be kept up to date on all versions. They can act as an advisor and partner with ongoing strategy development, and their internal skill set should complement the direction of your infrastructure – allowing you to grow whilst leaning on their expertise.

Predict your expenditure

With a dedicated MSP in place you’ll already have agreed costs up front, and more often than not that will be fixed for a 1-3-year period. No salary reviews, no bonus structures needed, and no training budget required.

Manage headcount

With an MSP in place the size of your team is less likely to fluctuate, seasonal dips and cover can be managed by your MSP. Gone are the days of expensive contractors or a skeleton crew. Scale up when you need it, and scale down when you’ve got it covered without the commitment of employing someone full time.

Work on strategic projects

It doesn’t make much sense to have your IT team handling things they have little experience with. Things like migrating over to Microsoft Office 365 when it can be expertly handled by an MSP instead. Your technician can commit their time to something they excel at. Managed-services enable in-house staff to spend their working hours on what they are best at, with the MSP filling in the gaps and taking the pressure off, providing specialized services where they are needed most.

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8th November 2017

Isobell Lawrence

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