Data and Teamwork

Hosting your data in the Cloud has many teamworking benefits.

  • Data is invariably better indexed and easier to curate, better indexed, simple to find and collaborate on – improving workplace productivity
  • Employees work better when they are not restricted by geography or access issues – improving collaboration and innovation
  • Employees are able to communicate with each other and their customer more easily – improving the customer experience

However, providing an effective Teamworking environment can be challenging.

The common challenges we hear are:
  • We don’t know who needs access to what data
  • We have inconsistent access controls
  • We don’t know if we have classified our data and access properly
  • We don’t know if employees are opening the organisations up to avoidable risk
  • We don’t know if our data is leaving the organisation or being deleted
How we solve them

Our specialist teamworking practice has the experience, skills, processes and tools needed to help complex, regulated organisations plan, design and implement organisation-wide teamworking solutions that meet legislative compliance and governance requirements.

In addition to the architectural design, the teamworking-related services and solutions we typically help organisations with are:

  • Organisation-wide data access
    • Our team can enable you to more easily regulate, manage and monitor who or what can view or use your data from where and when, thereby giving you peace of mind and better opportunities to fully protect and govern your data.
  • Multi-modal team working
    • Our team can provide the technology you need to enable your employees, suppliers, and business partners to gain access to your data from anywhere, any time, any device , thereby improving collaboration and team work.
  • Data and IP version control
    • Our team can help ensure your employees, suppliers and business partners are only collaborating, editing and sharing the most up to date files and data, thereby improving productivity.
  • User adoption
    • Our team can help ensure your organisation is getting the maximum benefit from your IT investments.


Microsoft Sharepoint

Yammer; Delve; Flow


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