What’s New in Microsoft Teams?

Earlier this year Microsoft announced that it would be releasing a range of new Microsoft Teams features which should reach all users by the end of August 2020.

Two of the new features include:

Remote Classrooms

One of the hotly anticipated new features in Microsoft Teams is support for up to 49 people on screen to host remote classrooms. This new feature, called Large Gallery, can be enabled from the meetings control bar (now available at the top of the meeting screen). This feature is available for video calls with 10 or more participants.

The Large Gallery feature has been welcomed by teachers as previously only 9 people could be seen on screen simultaneously, making it hard to keep larger groups engaged.  Businesses who offer face to face training courses are equally as positive about the change.

“Together” Mode

The new “together” mode is a view that makes it look like everyone is in the same shared space rather than a 49-person grid view. Microsoft believes that the “together” mode will help to reduce virtual meeting fatigue and help meetings feel more real. Thanks to separate windows, meeting notes can now be taken on the Meeting notes tab in the main Teams window.

These new meeting and calling experiences are available for the Teams desktop client on Windows and Mac, but are not available for Teams on the web. In addition, a new focus mode is in the works which will let users focus on content without the distraction of video feeds, and once the new features are enabled, Teams users will see that calls and meetings appear in new windows that are separate from the main Teams window.

There are more new features to come for Microsoft Teams such as message extension and the InVision Freehand digital whiteboard. There are also rumours that the ability for live events to open in their own window will be coming soon.

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