How quickly can we migrate our email archive to Microsoft 365?

With businesses all over the world driven by new ways of working, Microsoft 365 adoption has become key for business continuity, efficiency and effectiveness. Including your email archive in your migration to Microsoft’s Cloud can bring real benefits (see our previous blog), but in planning such a move we often get asked the question ‘How quickly can we migrate our email archive to Microsoft 365?’.

Timeframes of a migration are going to be a key consideration; Microsoft 365 is a huge investment for most companies, so getting to the Cloud quickly will ensure the return on investment is realised much faster. However, email archive migrations are often complex, it’s not simply a lift and shift operation, and so you shouldn’t be basing your migration timeframes purely on migration speed.

Email Archive Migration Performance

There are several factors that can affect the overall timeframe of your email archive migration, some have a greater impact on performance than others. Some common factors that can affect the speed of your migration include:

  • Processing power
  • Physical infrastructure
  • Network capability
  • Source health

Source health is one of the major factors that can impact the speed and performance of a migration. Complications during a migration are often caused by source environment factors. For example, the performance of the existing source archive server(s), underlying storage system, current user activity or network capacity may be sub-optimal to achieve the desired archive migration throughput.

Technology designed for performance

Here at bluesource, we’ve partnered with Transvault, the best in class technology provider for email archive migrations. Transvault’s solution is specifically designed to optimise performance of a migration:

  • Direct data extraction with fallback to platform APIs where necessary – much faster than API based approaches and more flexible to support nearline or offline storage
  • Market leading performance from Enterprise Vault to Office 365, using Transvault CloudStream technology, with advanced management to address Office 365 throttling
  • Advanced scheduling and bandwidth optimisation to meet customer requirements while maximising throughput all day, every day
  • Simple handling of active and inactive users, and the ability to handle simultaneously processing of both active and inactive users during the migration
  • A rich set of migration filters to ensure only the required data is migrated and stored appropriately
  • Sophisticated error handling and re-processing to ensure that migration rates are not slowed by encountering data inconsistencies or corruptions.

With migrations being complex and unique to your business situation, this is where bluesource comes in. We will help you plan and execute every aspect of your migration and work with you to avoid any migration issues, so that you can quickly see the return on investment from your move Microsoft 365.

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