Data Protection

Consolidating and securing your data in the Cloud has many benefits.

  • Encryption levels are enhanced through the use of widespread secret keys
  • Data visibility is improved through the use of automated data snapshots

However, it can be challenging.

The common challenges we hear are:
  • We don’t know if we are protecting all our data
  • We don’t know who is using shadow IT
  • We don’t know who is accessing, or has access to our data
  • We don’t know when data leaves the organisation
  • We don’t know if we could recover all our data in the case of a breach
How we solve them

Our specialist protection practice has the experience, skills, processes and tools needed to help complex, regulated organisations plan, design and implement enterprise-grade cloud security solutions that meet legislative compliance and governance requirements.

In addition to the architectural design, the protection-related services and solutions we typically help organisations with are:

  • Shadow IT analytics and management
    • Our team can help you identify which third party unauthorised systems are being used and by whom. Furthermore, we can enable you to see what data is residing in the third party systems, empowering you to address any security, compliance, or governance concerns.
  • Identity protection and management
    • Our team can help you develop a framework and environment of Identity and access management (IAM) policies and technologies to ensure people inside and outside your organisation have the appropriate access to technology, resources, and data.
  • Data and IP loss protection
    • Our team can help you identify data and IP loss vulnerabilities, then help you develop a framework and technology solution to minimise potential data breaches – enabling you to better monitor, detect and block the sharing of sensitive data while in use, in motion, and at rest.
  • Business continuity
    • Our team can help you ensure you are able to maintain essential functions during, as well as after, a disaster has occurred.

Symantec Email, Web & Endpoint Security; DLP & CASB

Back up and Disaster recovery

Microsoft Enterprise Mobile Security and Azure Identity Management

Mimecast Email Security

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