Many organisations employ an endpoint security strategy that is primarily focussed on prevention of breaches through an anti-virus service to identify known malware and malicious activity. With the proliferation of sophisticated attacks and advanced methods employed by bad actors, this approach is no longer enough to protect against all types of attack and malicious activities.


The best practice approach

A layered approach to security services and techniques, ensures that should an action breach one layer of defense, there is at least one if not many more layers of security that will detect these threats – enabling the organisation to take action and stop bad actors in their tracks.

The challenge with this is that Endpoint protection tools along with endpoint detection and response tools generate a significant amount of signals.  It is important that all signals are reviewed, categorised and dealt with appropriately using a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning along with human analysis for contextual awareness of highlighted threats. This approach allows the AI to churn through the signals, detect and highlight potential threats to be verified by the security team enabling organisations to respond appropriately.

Should a breach occur, human intervention is usually required to analyse the impact and set in motion the necessary actions to recover data and services to pre-breach status.


bluesource managed detection & response

bluesource helps organisations better protect their data through our managed detection & response service.


As part of the service, you will get:

  • Next-gen anti-virus (AV) product to deliver endpoint protection to any device
  • Endpoint detection & response (EDR) technology to deliver unrivalled visibility into the endpoint estate and detect emerging threats
  • 24×7 threat hunting to analyse signals, alert on emerging threats and provide recommendations for remediation
  • Certified incident response handlers on-call when you need them through our incident response retainer
  • Optional remediation of threats through automated or manual interactions
  • Optional integration with extended detection & response (XDR) services for signal sharing


Key Benefits

  • A choice of next-gen AV & EDR technology to fit your preferred approach – single vendor or multi-vendor
  • Cloud managed service with portal access for in-house teams
  • Proactive analysis and early detection of vulnerabilities and emerging threats with actionable recommendations to help you better protect your organisation