Data Migration

Migrating and consolidating your data to the Cloud has many benefits.

  • Data storage, archiving and retrieval costs are typically reduced
  • IT expenditure is shifted from a CAPEX to an OPEX model, enabling a pay-as-you-go model
  • Collaboration and effective team working is easier to enable

However, it can be challenging.

The common challenges we hear are:
  • We don’t know what data we have where and who has access to it
  • We are concerned about data sovereignty and chronology
  • We don’t want to migrate data we don’t need, or shouldn’t be migrating
  • We don’t know how to manage public cloud consumption
  • We don’t have the skills or resources needed to migrate our data to the cloud
How we solve them

Our specialist migration practice has the experience, skills, processes and tools needed to help complex, regulated organisations plan, design and migrate their data to the cloud securely and in adherence with legislative compliance and governance requirements – regardless of where the data is and the desired destinations.

In addition to the architectural design, the migration-related services and solutions we typically help organisations with are:

  • Protection and governance policy design
    • Our team can help you design your architecture so your critical data is better protected from unauthorised access, modification and theft, whilst ensuring you adhere to the required compliance and governance standards.
  • Chain of custody reporting
    • Our team can help ensure there is a sound chain of custody in place so you can have confidence that your data has not been altered either in the copying process or during analysis.
  • Data cleansing
    • Our team can help you discover, clean, delete or move redundant, obsolete, or trivial data, thereby helping you save money by ensuring you are only keeping and using what you need to or are legally obliged to.
  • Reduction in fixed costs
    • Our team can provide you with a range of technology-based and commercial options that minimise your CAPEX requirements and optimise your OPEX budget, thereby improving your cash flow and maximising your operating margins.
  • Managed and/assisted migration services
    • Our managed migration service is helpful for organisations that don’t have the skills or readily-available resources necessary to move their data to the cloud securely. Our assisted migration service is helpful for organisations that have the skills and resources necessary to move their data to the cloud securely, but need help with the planning, design and pilot phases.

Migration of on-premise workloads to Azure

Migration of archives and journals to public cloud

Migration of Office 365

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