There are many benefits associated with moving data to Azure, however to maximise business continuity and compliance, regulated organisations need to ensure data is migrated, archived and journaled effectively.  This is where bluesource’s EV247 service can help.

Powered by the world’s leading archiving technology (Veritas Enterprise Vault); Hosted on the most trusted infrastructure (Microsoft Azure); and Managed by the data management experts (bluesource), EV247 exclusively from bluesource, is an award winning cloud archiving solution that’s fit for the new information age.

Working together, EV247 from bluesource can help you:

  • Reduce the overheads associated with owning, running or managing your archive
  • Provide a long-term and scalable storage solution
  • Search and archive all types of content including emails, files, IM and social media.
  • Improve email accessibility
  • Improve data availability from anywhere on any device

bluesource is the UK’s largest and most experienced Enterprise Vault partner.

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EV247 datasheet