Migrate Your Enterprise Emails and Archives with Confidence

Migrating to, and then getting the MOST out of Microsoft Office 365 or other cloud platforms is an ongoing challenge. How many of these do you recognise:

  • You can plan your mailbox migration, but what about the legacy archive? Have you considered this? What about your legacy archive stubs?
  • How are your end users going to access legacy archived data after they have migrated to Office 365 or any other cloud platform?
  • Can you migrate your emails and provide a defensible Chain Of Custody report to ensure the stakeholders of the business that all your data was migrated correctly and successfully in a banking type transaction – End-to-End?

It is no wonder that this can be a headache for many organisations!

bluesource has successfully and compliantly moved over 4 PB of data for our clients.

Whether your organisation wants to migrate on-premise workloads to Azure, migrate users legacy archived data or legacy journal archives to Enterprise Vault or public cloud platforms, or migrate mailboxes to Microsoft Office 365 –

we will make your move EASY!

We help you migrate data from Veritas Enterprise Vault; EMC SourceOne; EMC Email Extender; Zantaz EAS; Quest Archive Manager; NearPoint (Mimosa); Commvault; Metalogix Archive Manager and AXS-One.


“bluesource are experts at helping organisations migrate their data securely and compliantly to the cloud which is why we are proud to recognise them as our Top UK Partner 2018/2019.”

James Moody, Channel Manager from TransVault

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Onboarding Made Easy

We are using TransVault, the award winning solution that offers high speed, reliable and secure migrations. TransVault uses the world’s most powerful platform for migrating user mailboxes, files and email archives to Office 365 and other cloud platforms with ease.

Understand Your Office 365 Uptake

FREE reporting gives you a clear picture of exactly how your Office 365 platform is being used.

Get Actionable Insights

With AI & Machine Learning at its core, our partner, TransVault’s Cloud Platform is the success factor in managing, protecting and supporting your environment in line with business & compliance objectives.

Reduce Costs

Get maximum value from your Office 365 and cloud investment with our help while shrinking your support overheads. Recycle licenses and avoid overpriced licensing plans.

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