Whitepaper: How Machine Learning can enhance and simplify your Data Protection


The explosive growth of cloud applications and services is changing the way organisations secure their sensitive data. With remote workers typically exceeding 60% of enterprise workforces, combined with the rapid rise in collaboration tools to boost productivity, data now flows throughout organisations like water, without a traditional edge or perimeter. Legacy security tools are blind to this data movement within the cloud.

Read Netskope’s Whitepaper that discusses how you can modernise your security strategy with unmatched 4-in-1 data protection across your SaaS, IaaS, web and email environments. You will understand how we can secure your sensitive data no matter where it is, including how we:

  • Provide context-aware deep visibility into data everywhere across your organisation
  • Prevent unintentional or unapproved data movement, even via email
  • Stop insider threats like data exfiltration to unmanaged devices or apps
  • Enhance data classification in documents and images with machine learning
  • Reduce risky behavior with end user coaching.

Download the Whitepaper to learn more.