Is Data Governance, Ransomware and eDiscovery causing you to lose sleep?

Veritas with bluesource are offering ground breaking tools and services to help with these issues. Watch our webcast where we can help you understand the below points plus much more.

  • How to find Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and have the ability to track 900 plus sensitive data patterns and align them to regulatory compliance like GDPR and SOX
  • How to identify Ransomware before it proliferates, ensuring your critical assets are protected
  • How to reduce your storage costs by deleting Redundant Obsolete or Trivial data
  • How to capture and classify your data and move it to the appropriate tier of storage including email, file, SharePoint, WhatsApp, Bloomberg instant messaging, Box, Teams, Twitter and many more
  • How to use one platform to protect all your data on premise or in cloud