eGuide: The Ultimate guide to Data Governance and Risk Management

The Ultimate guide to Data Governance and Risk Management

The amount of data held by all businesses and organisations is growing daily. According to market
intelligence company IDC, the “Global Datasphere” in 2018 reached 33 zettabytes.

Keeping up with the huge amount of data organisations hold along with changing regulatory environments is challenging, even with the new generation of unified communications and cloud technology. Risk and compliance management is fast becoming a more effective growth-driven function than a costly and reactive one.

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A robust and systematic risk management process, coupled with people and strong technological processes, is essential in combating today’s data deluge, and organisations must proactively address long-term information management to help you reduce IT costs and business risks. Your risk management process is key to understanding the data you hold in your organisation and classify it accordingly. Veritas’s Enterprise Vault and Information Studio solution is perfect for this, as it will help you not only to automate the process but also to discover, classify and tag your data, thus helping you adhere to GDPR and other data governance laws that can be captured in your Risk Management Process. To complement a robust risk management process, Enterprise Vault is a purpose-built retention management platform which helps to execute diverse strategies to meet business and regulatory information retention requirements.

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