Hyperion Insurance Group

Hyperion Insurance Group, an international insurance and reinsurance intermediary group, comprises several different firms: Howden Broking Group, a leading specialist broker, DUAL, a global underwriting agency, and CFC, an international specialist underwriter. The group has businesses across Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America.

With 60 per cent year-on-year email data growth and a secure email retention platform in need of updating, Hyperion wanted to address both requirements through a single solution. Burgeoning volumes of email messages and associated data was a growing concern for Hyperion’s IT department. Size of user mailboxes, compliance with long term storage requirements, as well as ease of use for searching and retrieving older emails was cumbersome and difficult to manage.

As an insurance company, data retention is an important, legal requirement, which creates a significant data overhead. Yet this data must also be easily accessible for efficient search and retrieval, particularly for the purposes of legal discovery. Hyperion had purchased Enterprise Vault from Veritas to address these issues, but needed the specialist skills required for the design and implementation. At the same time, the company also needed to replace its secure email retention platform and consolidate that function into its data archive. Hyperion had previously invested in a separate system to address this. However, this platform is no longer fit for purpose, and Hyperion recognised that it could consolidate this function into a single solution through Enterprise Vault.

To address its requirements, Hyperion purchased the full suite of Enterprise Vault archiving modules, including mailbox archiving, journaling, compliance accelerator, and discovery accelerator, which were all delivered as part of bluesource’s implementation. As part of the implementation, bluesource facilitated a technical workshop to review both the current environment, as well as the necessary infrastructure for the solution. As Hyperion wanted to be self-sufficient, bluesource ensured knowledge transfer between its consultants and Hyperion’s IT team. The implementation – which included project planning, Enterprise Vault solution design as well as assisted implementation and pilot– took just 15 days from planning to hand-over to the Hyperion IT team.

As one of only two Veritas Platinum Technical Support Partners in EMEA, bluesource has a base of knowledge and expertise unrivalled by any other organisation. With its proven industry track record, excellent IT infrastructure, enterprise messaging, data archiving, archive data migration services, and deep sector understanding of working with the insurance sector, bluesource provides Hyperion with trusted support, upgrades, and consultancy advice. “

In addition to managing the implementation, bluesource is also providing 24×7 support, fly-to-site visits for emergencies, as well as support via its Service Management Centre. bluesource is also managing all of Hyperion’s Enterprise Vault server upgrades remotely.

“They delivered Enterprise Vault in a timely and efficient manner, their technical capability with Enterprise Vault really does set them apart and provides us with a trusted partner to call on when we need to tackle our information in a secure way”

Following the successful implementation of Enterprise Vault, Hyperion has also purchased Veritas NetBackup appliances and de-duplication option to ensure simplified backup and reduced cost of data growth over the foreseeable future. This provides operational simplicity, flexibility and scalability, as well as the ability for global end-to-end de-duplication. Moving forward, bluesource will also be supporting the NetBackup estate, as well as working with Hyperion around mobile hand-held device security.

“bluesource has proven to be a professional and capable business that we can rely on,” concluded Smith. “I would have no hesitation in recommending the same service to others, and we’re looking forward to building on our relationship moving forwards.

“bluesource delivered all the Enterprise Vault modules in an efficient and timely manner, the Veritas expertise they provide ultimately means my IT team can access advice and support around EV while our own skills are being developed”

Ben Smith, IT Manager