Delivering successful email archive migrations for the Construction industry

Take-up of cloud computing in the construction industry is being driven by multiple benefits. From driving closer collaboration between all parties within the construction process, offering the ability to access information anytime and from any location; to generating cost savings and improving the management of employee safety.

Critical to the success of cloud adoption for construction companies is to have a clear strategy for your email and email archive data. The construction industry generates huge quantities of complex email data as a project progresses. Not only is there a significant data size from sharing images and drawings via email, but this data also needs to be retained for many years leading to highly complex email archives.

This can mean migrating these email archives could be a daunting and costly task. This is why you need an experienced partner with the best technology to help you with your move. Given the very nature of this data, it would be unwise to try the migration yourself, all too often we have seen organisations try this leading to an unsuccessful migration.

This is where bluesource can help. We pride ourselves on delivering secure, complaint, efficient migrations for the very largest construction organisations, so they can quickly demonstrate the ROI of their migration and get their users productive on their new cloud platforms.

We pride ourselves on our market leading service, our expert migration specialists and cutting edge technology. That’s why we’ve partnered with Transvault, the best in class technology provider for migrations.

Our highly experienced migration team delivers:

  • Proven, successful migrations with a focus on service quality
  • Secure, legally defensible migrations with full chain-of-custody reports for future eDiscovery
  • Robust, adaptable and extensible technology enabling quicker ROI
  • A seamless user experience as you migrate, minimising the impact on your business

Email and Email Archives Migration Services