Compliant Journal Migration

A perceived barrier preventing some enterprise customers moving their legacy email archives to Microsoft 365 is their journal mailbox. Journal mailboxes keep a central store of all messages sent to or from an organisation in a special compliance format to support any future litigation evidence requests (eDiscovery). They are clearly critical for companies to retain, manage and move for years, if not decades, after the email were initially journaled. These repositories often contain enormous volumes of data and still need to move with the business as its technology infrastructure evolves.

However, organisations looking to migrate their Journals to Microsoft 365 face a challenge, because there is no equivalent central journal mailbox within Microsoft 365, and it does not natively recognise the compliance format of legacy journal messages.

Although Microsoft 365 now allows you to achieve the same effect for your new emails, from an eDiscovery point of view, by putting user mailboxes under In-Place (Litigation) Hold, there’s a fundamental disconnect between your new email compliance and your historical email compliance.

Technology designed for Journal migration

bluesource has partnered with Transvault, the best in class technology provider for email archive migrations. Transvault’s solution is specifically designed to effectively manage Journal migration into Microsoft 365.

Developed in conjunction with Microsoft, the Compliance Time Machine (CTM) feature of Transvault Migrator, offers a unique service that is a zero-risk solution for migrating a journal archive to Microsoft 365 in such a way that email compliance records are:

  • Complete and fully available for eDiscovery, inclusive of any BCC’d recipients, distribution list members, messages sent ‘on behalf of’, etc.
  • Conformant to Microsoft’s compliance and data models, and mailbox licensing policy
  • Accurately arranged into individual custodian mailboxes to ensure all the relevant mailboxes are included by legal staff as part of any future eDiscovery
  • Securely and reliably transferred, with full, demonstrable chain-of-custody and integrity

If you’re considering a move to Office 365, or just know you’ve got a journal archive in need of some transformation, contact bluesource to get a holistic view of all the options available to you.

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