bluesource streamlined the migration from AXS-One to Veritas Enterprise Vault for one of Europe’s biggest international bank

The Background

An international bank with a presence in over 70 countries were looking at standardising on a global platform for Archiving and Compliance. Veritas Enterprise Discovery Platform met is the detailed Record management, legal and compliance requirements of the bank concerning the long term storage requirements for access of electronic communications. The  scope covered all phases starting from data acquisition through supervision, archiving, e-discovery and case management/legal review. The solution replaced AXS One and Autonomy in all regional hubs as well as replacing three other local compliance solutions.

The Bank  were also aware that their legacy AXS-One system was archiving data into the EMC Centera storage platform, which was now out of support.

A decision therefore was taken to standarise on a new future-proof their archiving and e-discovery platform. As part of the technology selection criteria, it was important that the legacy data from AXS-One could be migrated compliantly into the new strategic platform.  After a lengthy internal process of reviewing a number of options, which involved teams from the Infrastructure, Security, Legal and regional Compliance business units the bank chose the Veritas archiving and eDP platforms.

Given the importance of the legacy AXS-One data to the bank, the next challenge the bank faced was finding a competent supplier to  deploy the Veritas archiving and e-discovery platform, and migrating the legacy AXS-One Journaled data into Veritas Enterprise Vault.  bluesource was chosen to assist with these critical activities.

The Solution

bluesource initially ran a Veritas Enterprise Vault and eDiscovery Platform (eDP) proof of concept, before designing, installing, and configuring the V production environments.

bluesource delivered a managed legacy archive migration service and ran a pilot migration which was tested and signed off before moving into the production phase of the migration.

Different regions with various data types were targeted and any known issues were dealt with, enabling bluesource to provide intelligence-led options to the bank’s project team – assisting them in making informed decisions. In some cases where the issue required the involvement of the migration vendor, Transvault, bluesource worked directly with them to resolve the issue.

The Result

The approach bluesource took, with the assistance of Transvault, resulted in over 4.2 billion email records or 350TB of data being successfully migrated into Veritas Enterprise Vault. Some of the data sources involved in migration were:

  • Exchange Journal and user emails
  • Lotus Notes Journal and user emails
  • Symphony chat messages
  • Lync/OCS data

Why bluesource?

The bank chose bluesource as they are a platinum partner for Veritas Enterprise Vault and eDP and are one of the leading migration partners globally.  Working in partnership with the bank on a fixed cost fixed outcome basis, bluesource provided an end-to-end solution that encompassed the deployment and roll-out of the target platform, training and the BAU handover.

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