bluesource helps B&H Worldwide meet industry best practice standards through a Microsoft 365 Security Posture Assessment

The Background

The Microsoft 365 tenant of B&H Worldwide, a provider of award winning, time-critical logistics solutions for the aviation industry, has been in place for many years, and over this time the service has evolved considerably. As the technology has evolved, so have the best practice techniques for securing it.

B&H Worldwide wanted to identify areas of improvement within their current Microsoft 365 configuration and needed guidance on how to further enhance the security posture by better leveraging existing investments and cost-effective licensing uplifts.


The Solution

To achieve B&H Worldwide’s goal, bluesource conducted a Security Posture Assessment of the Microsoft 365 tenant by using their Microsoft 365 Security Assessment service approach.

bluesource analysed the configuration of B&H Worldwide’s Microsoft 365 tenant against two industry standard benchmarks from Microsoft and the Center for Information Security (CIS). These benchmarks covered areas such as privileged administration practices, identity and email security, and data, app, and endpoint management practices. This provided a baseline score for the overall security posture of the environment.

bluesource used the outcomes of the assessment to create two sets of recommendations:

  • The first was a top 10 list of recommendations which would improve the security posture of the environment using existing licensing agreements. These recommendations were able to be implemented immediately to improve the security posture and were focused on making the best possible use of current licensing investments.
  • The second set of recommendations were a list of longer-term strategies for further improving the security posture. These recommendations included targeted, cost-effective licensing uplifts which grant access to features critical for further hardening of the tenants’ security.

bluesource then rescored the environment to show the impact that the recommendations would have on the benchmarks scores. This provided a quantifiable representation of how the recommendations would improve the security posture of the environment.

Tony Comben IT Manager at B&H Worldwide said “The information that the bluesource security posture assessment report gave us was invaluable. It informed us as to how we could improve our environment without any further licenses costs and demonstrated the potential returns against further investment. As a result we shall be implementing a wide range of improvements to harden our environment.”