Workshop: Secure Your Identities

Are you aware of suspicious user and sign-in behavior in your environment? Are you threatened by ongoing suspicious requests?

Protect user identities

Identity is today’s control plane for digital transformation. Organisational barriers are blurring between who is in and out of your network. Cloud apps and the increasing use of personal devices and remote work mean that data is no longer centralised behind traditional network security.

With identity attacks on the rise, this workshop will show you how to stop tomorrow’s data breaches by securing identities today.

We will help you find identity risks happening now in your environment, gain insights on your application landscape, and improve your identity security posture.

In this workshop, we’ll show you how identity is the fundamental pillar of an integrated security philosophy and end-to-end security strategy. We will help you:

  • Get a rating of your identity security posture and see how it compares to your peers
  • Understand how to prevent identities from being compromised
  • Learn how to reduce costs and improve business agility and security with simplified app access
  • Gain insights into cloud apps used in your environment – whether sanctioned or unsanctioned

Spaces are limited and so register your interest today to see if your organisation qualifies for a Microsoft funded workshop.