Webinar: Six steps to transform GDPR policy into ‘business-as-usual’ compliance

date and Time 28th Nov 2019
12 pm

Location London

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A year after the GDPR deadline in Europe, organisations are learning to live with the demands of data compliance. Of course, compliance is about more than box-ticking and documentation. Policies need to be enacted every day by busy employees trying to get their jobs done. While Information Governance policies are relatively easy to write down, making it possible to monitor and enforce compliance to ensure privacy is a huge challenge when new information and data is being recorded every day within the data estate.

When it goes wrong, high-profile media coverage of data breaches are hugely damaging to consumer brands. Since the announcement of substantial British Airways and Marriott fines, privacy is back on the agenda in the boardroom, with leadership teams left asking themselves “could this happen to us?”

Further to our recent announcement about our partnership with Exonar and their Information Governance technology, they join us for a webinar to explore the everyday challenges organisations are now facing when they look to turn policy into practice: reducing risk of data breach or loss, ensuring employees remain productive, while all the time being confident of maintaining a state of compliance.


1200 — Welcome

1205 — Research & observations

1220 — Key challenges lie with people and technology

1235 — 6 Steps to Transition ‘Policy’ into ‘Practice’

1245 — Q&A

Adrian Barrett, CEO & Founder


James McCarthy, VP Marketing


John Forde, Sales Director – Strategic Accounts



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