Microsoft Teams Webinar – Struggling with who has access to what in your organisation?

date and Time 2nd Apr 2020
12 pm

Location Webinar

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Most enterprise information and collaboration solutions, from traditional file servers to the modern cloud services such as Office 365 and Teams suffer from a common challenge – ‘who has access to which files and information’ often gets out of control over time. Most businesses do not have total visibility or know who has access to which data, leading to substantial security and compliance challenges.

In this webinar leading experts from bluesource and Torsion will discuss why this ubiquitous problem happens and the reasons why it has historically been so difficult to solve. We will provide some practical steps you can take now to answer the ‘who has access to which files and information’ question.


1200 – Welcome
1205 – Security and compliance challenges when using collaboration systems
1215 – Meet those challenges by implementing Microsoft Teams lifecycle automation
1225 – How to get on top of ‘who has access to what files and information’
1240 – Q&A

Tom Billinghurst, Principal Consultant


Peter Bradley, Founder & CEO


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