bluesource and Torsion partner to provide confident data access control to organisations in the UK

bluesource and Torsion today announce a new partnership that will transform compliance and control for unstructured data repositories in organisations.

Unstructured data environments typically contain 44 times more information than controlled and structured environments. This data often resides and sprawls on shared network drives, causing access, visibility, collaboration and security issues. As organisations try to tackle these issues, more and more of them are turning to solutions like Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint. However out of the box these solutions can in fact exacerbate the problems as there is little visibility or control over data access. This is where the bluesource and Torsion partnership adds most value.

The bluesource and Torsion partnership will help organisations control information sprawl by providing a data monitoring, access and management platform. The platform enables controls to be applied to the sharing of files and folders.

Simon Wardle, Managing Director at bluesource commented: “Torsion complements our existing portfolio and adds value across multiple use cases. This solution completes our Teams and Sharepoint governance propositions, removing a common problem that is holding organisations back from adopting modern collaboration solutions.”

Peter Bradley, CEO, Torsion added: “bluesource is a long established and reputable solutions provider, working with an enviable customer list of regulated and non-regulated organisations to address data governance and protection issues. They are perfectly positioned to deliver high quality solutions with our advanced software. We are delighted to be working together.”