Veritas eDisovery – Data Discovery within Enterprise Vault

From email, voicemail, presentations, documents, images, audio files and spreadsheets to CRM systems – any information can suddenly become far more significant than it may have seemed when initially created or stored; especially if stored unwittingly.

Any platform where information is stored can also suddenly require interrogation. Data stored within Enterprise Vault can build up over time. Whether you store Enterprise Vault data on-premise or in the cloud, a robust data strategy is required to protect your organisation. Not just from legal proceedings, but also to allow you to fully take stock of what data is stored, how long it is retained for and who owns it. By using Veritas’ eDiscovery platform we can help you to optimise the speed, depth and accuracy of data discovery within Enterprise Vault.

Veritas eDiscovery Platform

The Veritas eDiscovery platform is designed to speed up the data discovery process. Automating your search for information can reduce cost and minimise the risk of inaccuracy.

Respond to Subject Access Requests quickly

You’ll have access to a comprehensive search function which will improve the accuracy of your searches and reduce time spent completing requests.

Get a birds eye view of your data

Easily map your entire data landscape to locate relevant documents and communications.

Advanced analytics and machine learning

Gain access to advanced analytics functions to improve reporting and machine learning to improve data classification.

helping organisations better protect and govern their data

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