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At any time, and usually with little forewarning, regulators can call on a business to submit correctly archived data. The way in which data is stored and used is closely regulated for any company that uses data. That means every company, although compliance regulations tend to be more intense in sectors such as financial services and insurance, healthcare, life sciences and energy.

From emails to social media, voicemails, presentations, documents and spreadsheets, through to CRM data, any information can suddenly become far more significant than it may have seemed when initially created or stored; especially if stored unwittingly. Any platform on which the information is stored can also suddenly require interrogation. Devices can include desktop computers, laptops, servers, smartphones, tablets, backup tapes, and even employees’ home computers and other personally-owned devices.

eDiscovery covers broader aspects that just compliance. It protects the responsiveness of the business if the management team is ever called upon in litigation. The team may wish to undertake informal early case assessments, or locate potentially damaging content in employees’ emails or social media posts.

bluesource eDiscovery services encompass your entire Electronically Stored Information (ESI) environment, providing the right tools that enable you to search for relevant information easily, quickly and accurately. We make eDiscovery no more complicated or time-consuming than simply something you must do when called upon to do so. We transform what could be a big issue into a smart procedure. bluesource give you control over your information, with the leading electronic discovery software, the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform as well as Microsoft’s Equivio and advanced eDiscovery tools, tuned to the specific needs of your business.

Properly implemented and adhered to as a core and ever-present operational discipline, however, a robust eDiscovery strategy brings benefits beyond simply avoiding the downsides of being unprepared. These relate to the ongoing ability of the business to depend on a well-managed information governance capability; knowing that when it needs to locate information it will be a simple procedure, inspiring confidence and supporting a smooth-running business.

How can we help you with eDiscovery?

bluesource help you to reduce the upheaval, cost and reaction time of eDiscovery workflows with a complete solution that goes way beyond electronic discovery software. Our team will scope, implement, support and manage your application. We’ll work with you and your legal teams to optimise the speed, depth and accuracy of electronic discovery.

Microsoft Equivio

Microsoft’s latest acquisition bolster’s Office 365’s eDiscovery capabilities. As one of the only UK partners with hands on experience with Equivio, talk to us today about how you can apply eDiscovery across your O365 environment.


The Clearwell eDiscovery Platform from Veritas enables businesses, government bodies and departments, HR and legal teams to manage claims, regulatory and investigative matters with a single application.

Data classifications

Properly classify, catalogue, preserve and search information – including unstructured data –  with the leading archiving and eDiscovery solutions

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"We no longer worry about funding our eDiscovery and Archive support. bluesource have been a real help to us throughout this project, demonstrating expertise, a high level of responsiveness and insightful recommendations"

Julian Beech, Head of IT, Hoare Lea.

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