Protecting your business from the sheer number of software vulnerabilities and cybersecurity threats requires vigilance and expertise. With an average of 15 patches released per day it is easy to get left behind, leaving your business open to malicious attacks.

Engaging in a technology partner to oversee your patching can remove the administrative drain on IT operations staff, ensuring that your system remain secure and compliant without hindering your day-to-day productivity.

We provide patching support to firms across all industry sectors. For almost 20 years we have been delivering IT outsourcing as a flexible service to meet the unique requirements of each of our customers. Underpinned by industry best practice and SLA’s to ensure stability and innovation, we deliver support 24x7x365 via remote monitoring or onsite presence.

Our fully managed patching service includes


You’ll have access to our team of experts through our Service Management Centre – operating 24*7*365 – We follow the sun.

Release and Change Management

Vital to every stage of the patch management process. As with all system modifications, patches and updates must be performed, we track these through the change management system.

Pre-Patch testing

Testing patches before deployment is perhaps the most critical step in the patch management process and  a fundamental step in our ‘as a service offering’.

Guaranteed security

By ensuring your always up to date with the latest releases your security is guaranteed in line with vendor guarantees – whether that’s Microsfot, Veritas or Symantec.

we focus on your IT, so you can focus on your business

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