Network Assesment

Ensure deployment success with a secure ,resilient and efficient network

Shifting workloads to the cloud places a bigger emphasis on having a high-quality network, and Skype for Business Online is no exception. Given  the  nature  of  the  Skype  for  Business environment,  delivering  a  consistent  high  quality  UX,  particularly  for  real  time  voice  and  video  services, will  present  challenges.

If you want to find out if your network is ready to support Skype for Business Online, a network assessment will need to be performed.

The  output  of  our Network Assessments is a detailed  report  that  describes  the  readiness  of  the  existing  network  infrastructure  to  support  the  Skype  for  Business generated  traffic,  identifies  problem  areas  and  routes,  and  provides  a  budget  for  the  network  and  infrastructure  upgrades  that  will  be  required  to  make  the  environment  capable  of  delivering  that  high  quality  UX.

How our Network Assessments can help

A single assessment engagement can pre-determine voice quality on both the internal enterprise network, as well as from enterprise end-points to the Microsoft cloud network.

Simulate traffic

Ahead of launch test put your network through its paces with dummy traffic and test out the functionality and quality

Bandwidth Calculator

Determine how much bandwidth you have and implement changes before you invest in Voice


Surface and discover where your bandwidth is being allocated and how to divert this to business critical platforms such as your Voice platform

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