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Specialist Microsoft SharePoint support

Whether it’s used as a standalone system, or forms part of a larger digital transformation project, Microsoft SharePoint is a platform that is increasingly relied on by organisations of all sizes, in all industries.

Given its widespread use, it is important to ensure that you have adequate SharePoint support to help deliver optimal performance and provide your end users with the tools they need.

As experts in the design and implementation of SharePoint solutions, we can help your organisation get maximum value from your SharePoint investment. Our SharePoint HealthCheck helps you to identify any factors limiting the success of your SharePoint solution. Our analysis works across both the business and technical aspects of your implementation, with the overriding objective of trying to ensure the implementation keeps meets the business goals you want to achieve.

As part of your HealthCheck, our SharePoint specialists will help take your implementation to new levels. We deliver world-class Microsoft SharePoint support to help drive user adoption, identify GDPR risks, improve IT management and operation, and ensure the solution effectively supports your organisation’s overarching strategies and objectives.

What is our HealthCheck?

As a SharePoint expert, we can identify how you can increase your working efficiency, improve your use of SharePoint, and reduce costs through examination of the most critical aspects of your SharePoint environment.

Detailed report

All our SharePoint HealthChecks deliver a detailed report with risks, recommendations and next steps.

Issue detection and resolution

We’ll highlight any issues with your SharePoint system and suggest recommended fixes.

Architecture Recommendations

We’ll analyse how your SharePoint is built, how this is impacting usability and recommend any changes to improve the platforms efficiency.

Licencing details

We’ll also provide you with a farm details, server info and licencing details so that you can review what you’re spending, where and why.

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