As demand grows to provide remote access to applications from anywhere, at any time and from any device, organisations are challenged with how to deliver this flexible approach to working whilst maintaining a secure and compliant infrastructure.

bluesource addresses this challenge with our managed virtual desktop service. Our experts will design and deliver a hosted Windows Virtual Desktop solution that integrates into your infrastructure for a seamless user experience with access to your business apps. Our service auto-scales as demand increases so that it can grow with the business, is fully monitored, managed and maintained by bluesource to reduce the administrative overhead on your IT admins and is flexible to deliver published apps and desktops to almost any device.

The bluesource managed virtual desktop
service delivers:

  • A true Windows 10 user experience
  • Global scalability
  • Cost efficient infrastructure
  • Fully managed master image versioning and updates
  • Managed user profiles leveraging FSLogix technology
  • Full published desktops and published apps
  • Tailored options to cater for any organisation

Why Microsoft & bluesource?

  • The service is ever-green with on-going innovation being provided by Microsoft
  • With bluesource managing the platform, you can focus your time on supporting your business users and leave the infrastructure and updates to our experts
  • Licensing is simplified through subscription based options baked into the Microsoft 365 Enterprise suite
  • Windows Virtual Desktop is the only platform to deliver a true Windows 10 multi-session experience
  • With Azure as the infrastructure backbone, bluesource delivers automated and cost efficient scaling options


Managed Virtual Desktop

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