The true cost of the subject access request in Healthcare

The true cost of the subject access request in Healthcare

The landscape of the healthcare market is changing. The NHS deals with 1 million patients every 36 hours and around 55 million summary care records. Cases are becoming more complex and budgets are tighter than ever. Healthcare organisations are having to seek innovative ways to work smarter and manage their data in a different way.

Patient data is vital for managing individuals care and plays an important role in the planning of health services, improving diagnosis and evaluating the effectiveness of policy. In order to maintain a good relationship between the public (data subjects) and the NHS (data processors and controllers) it is essential that national bodies are transparent with the public about how patient data is used.

Following the deadline for compliance of the General Data Protection Regulation, we surveyed 20 healthcare providers in relation to how they manage subject access requests (SAR). With NHS trusts spending on average £165,000 a year on the processing of information requests, we wanted to find out how these organisations are tackling them; looking at how long it takes them to complete a SAR, how many employees are involved in finding the information requested and and whether there were any trends emerging showing an increase in requests.

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23rd November 2018

Isobell Lawrence

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