Given the inherent globally-dispersed nature of its assets and the fact of fluctuating operational demand levels, cloud is a perfect fit for the Logistics sector.  As well as enabling visibility into physical assets (which may be in transit), cloud empowers real-time pricing visibility which can enable companies to control costs with much more accuracy, and to have better control over real-time inventory management so as to reduce the risks of either stock-outs or over-stocking.

‘Supply chain volatility’ is possibly the single biggest pressure on Logistics operations.  Being able to scale up and down as market conditions demand is crucial to profitability.  The flexibility cloud brings means companies can adjust quickly to changes in demand.

The accurate, speedy communication of situations to stakeholders throughout the end-to-end supply chain is critical for the responsiveness and accurate accounting that is a hallmark of outstanding operations in the logistics space.


Being a largely mobile workforce you need to ensure your IT environments are not only accessible, but secure. Our compliance solutions assess your current environment and benchmark any risk factors that could have a sever business and representational impact


SmartSites Digital Workspace

By nature Logistic workers are very rarely at their desk therefore providing your team with an easy way to access the information they need when out and about is critical to success and customer satisfaction.

SmartSites Digital Workspace

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