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bluesource SmartApps keep employees on track by automating workflows. Easy to understand, mobile-ready, and paper-free, SmartApps make smart people smarter. By utilising the Nintex Workflow Platform to deliver a wide range of business applications that automate everyday tasks, saving time and effort. With Nintex you can build new business applications as and when you need them – just five days from coming up with the idea to loading up the app.

There’s a whole host of regular tasks essential to the smooth-running of every business, but best categorised as ‘admin’. They take time to get done. They often involve liaison with specialist departments such as HR. Some tasks are less about the job people do and more about informing wider teams that the jobs have been done, how and when they were done, and even what the next step is. SmartApps automates this process.

Using any connected device your employees can be self-sufficient across the many areas of information that they’re either asked to provide (holiday dates, travel requests, and expenses returns for example) or seek to access.

How SmartApps can kick-start your paper-free revolution

Shows value quickly

With routine workflows already prepared, you can start your process automation journey and deliver value to the business fast.

Meet new demands

Providing smart workplace solutions for this generation is important to retain the best people.

Change the way you work

Introduce your teams to workflow automation, providing a solution that’s tangible, that your team can see and feel.

Liberated by automation

HCC international, SharePoint and Nintex

We transformed HCC international's business processes and unburden their teams by removing manual, time draining procedures, by upgrading their SharePoint and introducing Nintex workflow HCC are now moving further, faster. Processes for annual leave, expense requests and health and safety alerts are now a paper-free dream, submitted via devices and entered into a streamlined workflow system backed up by Microsoft SharePoint.      

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