Cyber Resilience by Mimecast

Has your business experienced any email security breaches & do you know the extent of the impact they have had on your business?

Email security threats can cost your business money, lost productivity and even data loss. With email continuing to be the first point of attack for most organisations, and while security tools are improving businesses should not rely on these alone.

What is needed is resilience – bluesource has the solution – Cyber Resilience by Mimecast
Approximate cost for 1hr productivity loss (200 user business) Average downtime after an attack Estimated total cost of downtime after an attack
£7,000 2 business days or 16 working hours £112,000

bluesource has partnered with Mimecast for cybersecurity to help thousands of organisations worldwide make email safer, restore trust and maintain the cyber resilience of organisations.

Mimecast’s expanded cloud suite enables you to implement a comprehensive cyber security strategy. From email and web security, archive and data protection, to awareness training, uptime assurance and more, Mimecast can help you stand strong in the face of cyber-attacks, human errors and technical failures.

Average cost per record for a data breach Average numbers or records stolen in a breach Estimated total cost of a breach
£115.00 1000 £114,000

bluesource offers a complete end to end solution for Mimecast products, including Cyber resilience. Our in-house professional services team can provide all the elements of the Mimecast suite from data discovery to migrations, and once in place bluesource provides unrivalled 24/7 support.

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  • Mimecast Cyber Resilience for email
  • Capex & OpenX commercial programmes
  • Migration services from multiple sources
  • bluesource delivered 24/7 Managed & Support Services

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