Data Discovery

Scan, tag and surface your files

GDPR will require all EU organisations to focus on discovering personal identifiable information on behalf of customers & former employees, our data discovery managed service will scan, tag and surface your files and data – so you know where to start and what you’ve got.

We’ll scan your files across both on premises and off premise. The results are provided in an interactive dashboard, you’ll get insight as to which of your platforms are the most at risk – whether that’s SharePoint 2013, Office 365  or File Shares . The dashboard will provide  you with  a file count as well as what percentage of your file count is in breach of GDPR. You’ll also get a breakdown of what personal identifiable information you have stored and where it’s stored – giving you all the information you need to start you GDPR journey and an interactive dashboard to monitor the progress you and your team are making.

Our data discovery service is available in three versions, a trial – perfect for a department scan. A ‘light’ version and an enhanced version. Both the paid for services come with report support and the initial install, set up and training is included.

Data Discovery as a Serivice

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Up to 1,000 document scans | A perfect inter-departmental trial

Data Discovery Lite


500gb of data | Unlimited scans | 3 days report support per annum | 12 month contract


Enhanced Data Discovery


1tb of data | Unlimited scans | 5 days report support per annum | 12 month contract

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