Office 365 Security

The secure modern workplace

Securing your cloud environment is often one of the key barriers to many organisations IT strategy – Office 365 comes pre-loaded with a set of security features. Our consultants are O365 experts who can help you get the most out of what you already have to ensure a secure digital workspace. We’re the only partner in the UK to have hands on Equivio experience – recently aquired by Microsoft to bolster O365’s eDiscovery capabilities.

Due to our deep and wide -ranging expertise across the Microsoft Office 365 suite, bluesource can get your security in great security shape fast with Office 365 security through a cloud access security broker (CASB); extending the reach of your security policies beyond your own infrastructure.

While Microsoft will spot any intrusions to the Office 365 platform, your business is responsible for the actions of its users that might endanger security.  We’ll make your protection all-round robust with a series of measures that include multi-factor authentication, advanced security management, and secure mail flow.

Since emails are often a way in for hackers to corrupt your systems we implement secure mail flow to provide assurance about the identity of the sender of each email message, and protect against malware, viruses, and malicious URLs coming in through emails. There’s a whole lot more too.

How we can help secure your O365 environment

Secure Score

Billed as the “credit score” of the cloud environment, secure score within O365 provides you with an intuitive real-time dashboard, providing an all up view of the state of your cloud security as well as recommendations and next steps to improve your score.


Office 365 prompts users in password creation to ensure only string passwords so that brute force attacks can’t lead to security breaches


Enable devices across your workforce with Enterprise Mobility & Security.

Lock Box

One of the newest features within Office 365, lock box allows you to lock specific data away whilst still enabling transparency across the rest of the organisations cloud environment

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